RJ Web Builder 3.0 Special Announcement


Dear Webmasters:

We heard you! You asked for easier management of your site, new designs, and a simpler administrative interface. In response to the recent webmaster survey and other feedback, there are very exciting changes coming in the RJ Web Builder platform. We a thrilled to officially introduce RJ Web Builder 3.0, a new platform built on a WordPress-based Content Management System (CMS).

As you may know, the URJ has been assisting congregations with their websites since 1998. This latest upgrade will enhance the service to bring congregations the most modern offering. We are also pleased to announce our continued partnership with our current developer Jared Shih and his company NYC Help Desk. Jared helped get the RJ Web Builder 2.0 platform off the ground years ago, and we felt his team was the right choice to lead the charge.

Currently, the URJ and NYC Help Desk are working on a system for a very smooth and simple transition that will require very little work on your part. At launch, you will be asked to fill out a registration form where you will have the option to choose from 15 different custom themes (themes and registration available after Labor Day). The URJ will then handle the migration process of bringing your site into the 3.0 platform as is. This includes articles, images, PDFs, calendars, some forms, and navigation. You will receive training on WordPress and be able to have your site up and running within a few days of approving it to go live. After laying out your homepage and customizing widgets, you may have little else to do other than changing your DNS record.

As always, the cost of RJ Web Builder is a benefit of membership to URJ congregations. In order for us to keep costs down, we will end hosting and support for Joomla sites next Spring. We ask that all congregations currently on RJ Web Builder 2.0 have their sites migrated to the new platform no later than April 28, 2018.

I'm sure there are a million questions you all must have, which I've tried to anticipate in FAQS. 

Thank you for your cooperation during this important time. If you need to contact me before the sample designs and registration are ready, please email jemerman@urj.org. I look forward to working with you all on a smooth transition.

Joel Emerman
Congregational Websites Manager
212.452.6579 (Central Time)

Staying in Touch

We are challenged in reaching current webmasters due to high turnover and changes in email addresses. If you are receiving this email, you are the person who was reported to the URJ to be handling your congregation's website. If there are additional people who need to be on this list or if you need to get off this list, please send corrected information to datamgmt@urj.org.

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