How to Choose a Theme

The WordPress themes currently available to you through RJ Web Builder 3.0 can be viewed here. These themes are quite flexible in terms of layout and design however there are some things you should be aware of when choosing your theme. 


Your new RJ Web Builder 3.0 themes are highly flexible and will allow you to have a good amount of control over your site layout, look and feel and functionality. However, you should be aware that making changes to the menus that deviate from the original theme designs in positioning and look and feel will be difficult to do and might require custom work. For this reason the most important thing you should consider when choosing your theme is the positioning and look and feel of the menus.


While menus are harder to modify, changing the layout has some more options. The layout refers to the structure of the theme shown in the designs and the placement of the slideshows and default content. While the different elements shown in the design of each theme can be re-positioned, added or removed based on your needs we recommend picking a theme that already closely resembles what you want in your website. For example, if you know you would like to have a theme with a big slider on the top try to pick an option that already shows that in the design.

The layout can be changed and modified, but the closer the default theme looks to your ideal site the quicker and easier it will be to go live with your site. While positions can be readjusted and moved, too much modification to the original design might cause the theme to shift in undesirable ways or cause the site to not look exactly as you had imagined it.

With that in mind it's best to make sure you find a theme that already closely approximates the layout you and your congregation would like use. This will insure that minimal changes will be needed to get your site launch ready.

Look and Feel

Look and feel is different from the concept of layout discussed above. The look and feel refers to the colors, fonts and overall design sensibility that the theme possesses, whereas the layout is about the structure and positioning of elements within the site. While there is some flexibility in changing the site's look and feel deviating too far from the original theme will probably cause the site to look disjointed and unappealing. As with the layout you will also want to make sure that the theme you choose is already close to the look and feel that you desire.

Customizing Your Theme

While we recommend choosing a theme that is close to the layout and look and feel that you already want, there are some tools that will be available to you to help you customize your theme and make sure it is unique and easy to manage. Knowing about these tools will probably help you to understand more about how to choose your theme. 

All the themes available in RJ Web Builder 3.0 utilize the page builder framework by themify. This framework will allow you to adjust the layout of each page and to quickly make stylistic changes as well as add functionality like accordions, slideshows, upcoming events widgets etc. With this framework you will have the ability to change the layout and look and feel of each page on your site including the home page. On this page you will find some videos and documentation describing in more detail how the themify framework works. This will give you a sense of the possibilities and limitations of the themes.

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