Create a Gallery

The Gallery module is used to add a standard WordPress gallery on your site.

Gallery module image

  • Module Title This option is used to add the title of your module.
  • Gallery Layout Select to choose whether to showcase your gallery in Grid, Showcase, or Lightboxed.
  • Insert Gallery Shortcode This option is used to add the gallery shortcode, either by entering it manually or using the "Insert Gallery" button. If selecting "Insert Gallery" you will be taken to the WordPress "Create Gallery" window where you can set up a gallery as documented here.
  • Pagination Select to add a pagination when showcasing your images.
  • Images per pageinput the number of images that you would like to appear per page.
  • Thumbnail Width This option is used to set the width the gallery thumbnails will be shown at.
  • Thumbnail Height This option is used to set the height the gallery thumbnails will be shown at.
  • Columns Select the number of columns for each gallery (1-9 column layout).
  • Link to Select the image to link as a media file, attachment page, or none.
  • Link Image Size Select the image size that you would like the image to appear as: Original Image, Thumbnail, Medium, or Large.
  • Image Appearance This option provides the ability to toggle various effects to be used on the gallery thumbnails.
    • Rounded Toggles whether the corners of the element should be rounded.
    • Drop Shadow Toggles a drop shadow effect on the element.
    • Bordered Toggles a border around the element.
    • Circle Toggles whether the element will be rendered as a circle. (Requires images used be square ratio)
  • Additional CSS Class This option allows you to add any custom CSS classes you wish to be output with the module.

To make the images in gallery grid open in lightbox, make sure to set the Link To option to "Media File" when inserting the gallery:
This is the how to open image in lightbox setting screenshot image

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