Add Text Content in a Box

The Box module is used to display a box of content using the standard WordPress WYSIWYG editor. You can also insert shortcodes with the Box module.

This is the box module screenshot image

  • Module Title This option is used to add the title of your module.
  • Editor Here you can add the content you wish to be displayed in the box module using the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.
  • Box Color This option is used to change the color of the box module.
  • Appearance These options provide the ability to toggle various effects effects to be applied to the box.
    • Rounded Toggles whether the corners of the module's content will be rounded.
    • Gradient Toggles whether the module will have a gradient effect applied to it.
    • Glossy Toggles whether the content area will have a gloss overlay effect applied to it.
    • Embossed Toggles whether the module will have an emboss effect applied to the edges.
    • Shadow Toggles whether the module will have a shadow effect applied to it.
  • Additional CSS Class This option allows you to add any custom CSS classes you wish to be output with the module.
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