Add a Google Map

The Map module is used to add an interactive Google map to the page. To display a Google Map, enter the full address and configure the available options.

Map module image

  • Module Title This option is used to add the title of your module.
  • Type Select to showcase the map as Dynamic or Static Image.
  • Address This option sets the address the map should show when loaded.
  • Lat/Long Use Lat/Long coordinates instead of address.
  • Zoom This option sets the default zoom level of the map.
  • Width This option sets what width the map should be displayed at.
  • Height This option sets what height the map should be displayed at.
  • Border This options sets the styling of a border around the map element.
  • Type This option set the type of map you want to be display, you can choose from the dropdown, "Road Map," "Satellite," "Hybrid" and "Terrain".
  • Scrollwheel This options enable or disable the scrollwheel in the the map.
  • Draggable This options enable or disable the Draggable feature in the map.
  • Disable draggable on mobile Select to enable or disable the draggable feature on the map on moible.
  • Info Window Input text that'll appear on text tooltip when user clicks it on the map.
  • Additional CSS Class This option allows you to add any custom CSS classes you wish to be output with the module.
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