Events Calendar Widgets

You’ll find event-centric widgets available in both The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro. All widgets are configured using the Appearance → Widgets screen in the wp-admin, and each can be used as many times as required.

Side Note: If you need a more detailed overview of any specific widget, we’ve got you covered—check out these more detailed tutorials to walk you through the settings of individual widgets.


The Events Calendar Widgets

The Events Calendar comes with one widget: the basic Events List widget. It can be given a custom title, and allows you to show anywhere from 1-10 events. There is also a setting to only show the widget when there are events present; when checked, this will hide the widget entirely when no upcoming events are scheduled. This widget displays the title of the event (with a link) and the date and time.

Events Calendar PRO widgets

These widgets are exclusive the Events Calendar PRO. They are highly customizable both in the widget settings and via CSS modifications. With a bit of code, they can be styled to fit your theme.

The Events Calendar widget creates a mini-grid calendar in your sidebar. Days with events are darker and show a dot. The current month is clearly labeled in the widget’s header, and readers can view events in future or past months using the AJAX navigation at the top of the calendar.

You can choose how many events to list below the calendar (if any). Users can click on days with events to update the list with that day’s events. The listed events are linked to the individual event pages. If you choose to show no listed events, the calendar date will link to a Day View showing those events. If you do not enter a title on the widget admin page, none will appear when viewing the widget on the frontend.

The Events List widget that comes with The Events Calendar PRO is a more robust take on the basic widget that comes bundled with the free The Events Calendar. It includes all of the same options as the basic Events List Widget: the ability to set a custom title, an option to display from 1-10 events and a setting to hide the widget when no events are present. In addition, it incorporates a category-specific filter that allows you to pull from one given category instead of the full events list.

It also gives site administrators more flexibility regarding what data displays and what doesn’t on the frontend. With 10 display checkboxes that can be turned on/off at a moment’s notice, you control how much — or how little — information about the event is seen in the widget.

You can use the Events Countdown widget to count the days until a special event. Select an event to showcase and the widgets shows a countdown in your sidebar. You control the title, time increments, and what message to display when the start time of the event is reached.


You can show a list of events from one venue using the Featured Venue widget which displays the upcoming events for a particular venue. You can edit the title and chose how many events to show. You can also opt to have the widget not show if there are no upcoming events.

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