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Stripe is another payment gateway we offer. One good thing about Stripe is that there are no monthly fees. Check below on how you can enable Stripe on your forms:

Now that you have created your form, we can now setup your Stripe Add-On and connect it to your Stripe account. We will first need to retrieve your Stripe API, and then enter these credentials into the Stripe Add-On Settings page.


  1. Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 12.20.24 PM 
    To begin, you will need to login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Once you have logged in, hover over Forms and select Forms Settings.


  2. striper 
    Once you are in your form settings, select Stripe form the list on the left. You screen should now see something like the image to the right.

  3. test 
    Once you are in your Stripe Settings you have two API options. The Live option is if for actual use and real transactions. The Test option is for testing Stripe’s integration with Gravity Forms and submitting test forms. In this article we will use Test because we are simply trying to integrate the Stripe plugin with Gravity Forms.


  1. 1 
    Once you have selected Test, as your API type, open up a new window, or tab, and visit to get your API keys. Once you are on the Stripe webpage, sign in, and go to your dashboard.


  2. account settings 
    Once you are in your Stripe dashboard, verify that you are in test mode (for the purpose of integration). Select Your Account, and then Account Settings. Once you have done so, you should see something very similar to the image on the right.

  3. API keys 
    Select API Keys in the top navigation bar, to retrieve your API keys. After you have selected API Keys you should see four API keys.

  4. download 
    From here, you will want to copy each key individually and paste them into their appropriate box under Stripe Settings. For example Test Secret Key should go in the Test Secret Key box and so on and so forth. If you entered in the correct keys, you will be notified by a green check mark beside each box.

  5. download (2) 
    Once you have added the correct fields, select View Instructions to Enable Webhooks in your Stripe account.

  6. download (1) 
    Once you have followed those instructions, and enabled your Gravity Forms Webhook URL, select the checkbox verifying that you have done so. Once you have selected the checkbox, select Update Settings.

 Setting Up Stripe Feed

Once you set up stripe you will need to configure a Stripe feed:

Now that you have obtained and saved your Stripe API Keys, we can begin the last step of integrating Stripe with Gravity Forms. Just like most Gravity Forms Add-Ons, the integration is finalized by creating a feed.

  1. Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 10.58.45 AM 
    If you have not created this form please set up a form first.


  2. Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 11.06.25 AM 
    Now that we are in the Forms view, hover over your Stripe compatible form, then hover over settings, and select Stripe from the dropdown.

  3. stripe_feed
    Once you have selected stripe under settings, you will be directed to a Stripe Feeds page. Select Create One to begin creating your Stripe Feed.

  4. Stripe_test_feed 
    After you have selected Feed Settings, you will need to give your Feed a unique name. This prevents any trouble with distinguishing the feed later on.

  5. Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 11.52.28 AM 
    Now that you have given your feed a unique name, you will now need to select the Transaction TypeProducts and Services are single one time payments, while the Subscription is a reoccurring payment.

Setting up the Products and Services Transaction in your Stripe Feed

  1. payment_amount 
    This step covers setting up your feed if you selected Products and Services, if you select Subscription, go the next section. Depending on which fields you have added you will have different options in the Payment Amount dropdown. In this case I will use Form Total as the payment amount.

  2. metadata 
    Under Other Settings you have a few more options to customize. None of these options are required. Metadata allows you to send custom information to stripe. Just select the field of your choice and type in the information you would like to be displayed. For more information, select the question mark icon beside Metadata.

  3. email 
    After the Metadata option, you also have the Stripe Receipt option. This option can only be used if you have added an Email field as mentioned in a previous document. If you have the email field included in your form, you may select the option to send the receipt via email.

  4. conditional_logic 
    If you would like to enable conditional logic in your Stripe transaction select the checkbox. Conditional Logic simply put is a condition, or set of conditions that need to be met prior to the feed actually being executed.

  5. update_settings 
    Congratulations, you have now completed the setup of your Products and Services transaction. You may now select Update Settings to save your feed. Your stripe is now integrated with gravity forms, read on if you would like to learn how to setup a Subscription.

Setting up the Subscription Transaction in your Stripe Feed

  1. download 
    Now that we have gone over Products and Services, we will now go over Subscription. Navigate to your Feed Settings and select Subscription as the Transaction Type.

  2. recurring amount 
    Once you have selected Subscription, you will be provided a few Subscription Settings. From here, select which field determines the recurring price of your item.

  3. download (1) 
    By default, the Billing cycle charges the customer once a week. You can change this option by modifying the number that precedes the time interval, or by changing the time interval itself.

  4. setup
     Like the Recurring Amount option, the Setup Feerequires you to select a field you previously made in your form, to pull its data from. The Setup Fee can be mapped to a pricing field, to charge an initial fee to start your subscription. If you select this option, the trial field will be unavailable.

  5. Trial If you did not enable the Setup Fee, you have the option to enable a Trial. When enabling you trial period you select the amount of days you would like the trial to last. The customer’s recurring payment will not begin until the end of the Trial Period.

  6. OS 
    In Other Settings we are now required to have Customer Information, so the subscription transaction can go through successfully. For best results, map the Email Field to the Email. You can map whatever field you would like for the Description. This will be used to uniquely identify your customer.

  7. other settigns 
    The following options are identical to the ones described in the Products and Services transaction type. Refer to the previous section for more information. Once you have customized these options, you can select Update Settings.

Congratulations, you have finished setting up your Stripe Feed Settings, and your Stripe Add-On is now completely integrated with Gravity Forms.

You can create multiple Stripe feeds for your form, however, you must configure conditional logic on them. The Stripe add-on will only process one feed during submission, if conditional logic is not configured it will use the first feed it finds.

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