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So you’re looking to migrate your media files and episodes from another provider, or even if your files are self-hosted on your WordPress server.

Seriously Simple Podcasting has a built in importer that helps bring ALL of your podcast content directly over to Seriously Simple Hosting regardless of your current podcast setup.  Here are a few scenarios you may be facing and how we can help.

I am self-hosting my podcast files and am already using Seriously Simple Podcasting to manage my podcast on WordPress

Good for you for taking control of your podcast content and running your podcast on WordPress.

To bring over all of your podcast content into Seriously Simple Hosting all that you’ll need to do is click the “import your existing podcasts to Seriously Simple Hosting.” link at the top of your Podcast episode page.

This will enable our automatic importer, which runs in the background, so you’re free to leave this page and continue on with your podcasting and WordPress use.

Once the importer is complete you’ll receive an email from us letting you know that everything is finished up.  Feel free to take a look around your Seriously Simple Hosting dashboard to check out the episodes there, and you can look at the existing podcast episodes in WordPress and notice that the Media File URL has changed from your self-hosted URL to a “https://episodes.seriouslysimplepodcasting…” URL.  That indicates that your media files are now being served from Seriously Simple Hosting.

My podcast is hosted on Libsyn, SoundCloud or another 3rd party platform

No problem, we’ve got you covered.  In this case just request a migration from our team.  We will migrate your podcast content from whatever platform you’re currently running on to Seriously Simple Hosting.

You can request a Free concierge migration in your WordPress dashboard by sending a request from Podcast -> Settings -> Podcast Import

Our team usually can complete these custom migrations in about a day including all of your previous episodes, media files, tags, and images both to Seriously Simple Hosting and to your WordPress site if you’ve not been publishing episodes there as well.

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