Displaying Team Post Types Using Shortcodes



To display the Team posts simply enter the shortcode in the post/page content box. You can configure the result by adding various parameters, such as the following examples:

  • [team]
    • = display Team posts with default settings.
  • [team style="grid3" limit="3" post_date="yes" image_w="100" image_h="100"]
    • = display latest 3 Team posts in grid4 layout, set image dimension to along post date
  • [team style="grid2" limit="8" image_w="140" image_h="140" unlink_title="yes" unlink_image="yes"]
    • = display latest (first) 8 Team posts in grid2 layout
    • = it will unlink post title and image
  • [team category="14" style="grid2" limit="10" use_original_dimensions="yes" unlink_title="yes" unlink_image="yes"]
    • = display the category 14 of Team entries up to a limit of 10 posts and using original dimensions for those entries that have width and height specified in Custom Panel.
    • = it will unlink post title and image


Available parameters:

  • style = grid4, grid3, grid2, grid2-thumb, list-post
  • limit = number of post to query (eg. enter limit="4" will query 4 posts, enter -1 to query all posts)
  • category = category ID number or text slug (default = all categories). To find category ID number or text slug: click on "Team Category" link located under the Team admin menu
  • image = show featured image or not (yes, no, default = yes)
  • image_w = post image width
  • image_h = post image height
  • title = show post title (yes, no, default = yes)
  • display = display whether content, excerpt or none (content, excerpt, none, default = none)
  • more_link = display a custom more link after the posts
  • more_text = text that will appear in more_link
  • use_original_dimensions = use image width & height specified in the Team entry Custom Panel
  • unlink_image = remove the link on featured image (yes, no, default=no)
  • unlink_title = remove the link on the post title (yes, no, default=no)


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