Ora Mosaic Tile Design Set Up

The tile design in the sample Ora theme is using a shortcode inserted into a text module. (Set up text module). This shortcode let's you filter different posts. The grid itself is showing different posts from the Posts section of the site.

The shortcode being used in the sample theme is: [themify_list_posts style="auto_tiles" post_filter="yes" limit="7" load_more="yes" post_meta="no" image_w="600" image_h="600"]

Broken down:

themify_list_posts - the shortcode which initializes the code.

style="auto_tiles" - automatically display posts in the mosaic

post_filter="yes" - display the category filters at the top of the mosaic

limit="7" - don't show more than 7 posts

load_more="yes" - show the load more button

post_meta="no" - show the meta data for the post.

image_w="600" image_h="600" - default size of post image

Here is a list of available parameters. You can filter out any posts or a category of posts with different parameters.

  • limit = number of post to query (default = 5). Enter -1 to query all posts (eg. limit=-1).
  • category = category ID number or category name (default = all categories). Use minus number to exclude category (eg. category=-1 will exclude category 1)
  • offset = number of posts to skip over (default = 0)
  • order = specifies ascendent or descendent order (ASC, DESC, default = DESC)
  • orderby = criteria used to order posts (author, comment_count, date, menu_order, rand, title, default = date)
  • post_type = creates the list using only posts with this type (default = post)
  • taxonomy = the taxonomy to retrieve posts from, affects the "category" parameter (default = category)
  • image = show post image or not (yes, no, default = yes)
  • image_w = post image width (default 240px)
  • image_h = post image height (default 180px)
  • title = show post title (yes, no, default = yes)
  • display = display whether content, excerpt or none (content, excerpt, none, default = none)
  • post_meta = display post meta (yes, no, default = no)
  • post_date = display post date (yes, no, default = no)
  • more_text = more link text (note more text is only available if display=content and the post has more tag)
  • style = layout style (list-post, grid4, grid3, grid2, grid2-thumb, list-thumb-image, default = list-post). You may also add custom css class in here (eg. style="grid4 custom-class").
  • unlink_image = remove the link on featured image (yes, no, default=no)
  • unlink_title = remove the link on the post title (yes, no, default=no)



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