April 2017 Newsletter

Dear Webmasters:

I am pleased to announce that the RJ Web Builder help site home page has received a face-lift! We hope you find it more user friendly, and that it's easier for you to find our resources. If you’re looking for specific tutorials, please use the search option at the top of the page, or the category menu along the side. The "Most Recent Articles" section will highlight new resources as well as news we wish to share in between newsletters.

Thank you for the feedback from the RJ Web Builder user satisfaction survey. If you have anything to share, there's still time to fill it out. It will only take a few minutes, and it helps us better understand your experience with the RJ Web Builder platform.

Here are a few things of note:

For those still not aware, we have a ticketing system on our help site. If your congregation has multiple contacts set up in our ticketing system, you can easily share tickets by CCing the other contacts.

If you'd like to use a mobile friendly template, there's no need to start from scratch. Choose one of four mobile friendly templates (aleph, bet, gimel, and dalet) and we'll take care of the conversion for you. The new template will keep all of your content in place, but give it a new look and feel. After you choose a template, we will create a test version of your home page so that you can see a preview of your site's new look. If you're interested in making the switch, please let me know.

Even though Passover is behind us, it’s not too late to start counting the Omer on your website. Help your congregants count the Omer by installing our counter on your website. Just create a custom HTML module and embed this code. You can visit ReformJudaism.org to learn more about why we count the Omer.

You can also visit ReformJudaism.org to find resources about all of the upcoming holidays. You’ll find content for Yom HaZikaron & Yom HaAtzmaut, Lag BaOmer and Shavuot . You are always welcome to link to these resources from your website or social media account. If you choose to place content directly on your site or in your bulletin, just remember to include a link and attribution to ReformJudaism.org.

Joel Emerman
Congregational Websites Manager
212.452.6579 (Central Time)

Did You Know?

The URJ Offers New Ways to Promote Your Congregation's Tot Shabbat Services
Microsoft Word templates are now available for creating your own flyers and print bulletin ads. Also available are ready-to-use Facebook ads. Download the files from The Tent.

There Are Opportunities for College Students at the URJ Biennial
This year's Biennial will be in Boston, December 6-10. The College Track allows enrolled college students to participate in the Biennial program at a discounted rate through the URJ Biennial Ambassador Program. This program brings together a cohort of college-aged volunteers at Biennial to support the operations of the program, meet leaders of the Reform community, and enjoy all that Biennial has to offer.

You can Update Your Congregational Information
Is your congregation's listing on ReformJudaism.org accurate and up-to-date? All updates can be reported on the Congregational Update Tool, including leadership positions, contact information changes, as well as features like Shabbat service streaming, High Holiday opportunities for non-members, youth group and more.

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Staying in Touch

We are challenged in reaching current webmasters due to high turnover and changes in email addresses. If you are receiving this email, you are the person who was reported to the URJ to be handling your congregation's website. If there are additional people who need to be on this list or if you need to get off this list, please send corrected information to datamgmt@urj.org.

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