How to Display the Calendar Widget

The RJ Web Builder Calendar plugin allows you to easily display events as either an upcoming events module or a full month calendar.

1) To start, go to the Page you wish to add events. Turn on the Builder.


2) Scroll through the module list or type in Widget in the search area to find the module named Widget.


3) Drag and drop the Widget module into place.

4) You will now see the module pop up editor. You can give the module a title, then in the Select Widget field, find RJ Web Builder Event Widget. Select which categories you wish to display and choose the widget type. If choosing upcoming events, you can select how many you want to display.



5) The final setting is whether or not you want to display a recurring events Next Dates. If you have a recurring event set up, the Upcoming Events module will display the next few dates as you see below.




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