Google Ad Grants

Google offers a program called Google Ad Grants, which provides advertising credits to eligible nonprofit organizations – and that includes synagogues. These advertising credits can be used to display ads on Google Search results pages through Google Ads. 

Here are some key facts about the Google Ad Grants program: 

  1. Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations must meet certain criteria to qualify for Google Ad Grants. Generally, organizations must hold valid charity status, be based in a country where Google Ad Grants are available, and comply with the program's guidelines.
  2. Application process: Nonprofits can apply for Google Ad Grants by submitting an application through the Google for Nonprofits website. The application typically requires information about the organization's mission, programs, and impact.
  3. Advertising credits: If approved, your congregation can receive a monthly advertising credit of up to $10,000 USD. These credits can be used to create and run text-based ads on Google Search results pages.
  4. Ad campaign restrictions: There are certain limitations and guidelines associated with Google Ad Grants. For example, ads must be text-based and may not include images or video content. There are also bidding limitations and ads may only appear in select regions.
  5. Account management: Nonprofits must actively manage their Google Ads account to maintain eligibility. This involves meeting the program's minimum click-through rate (CTR) requirement and ensuring compliance with Google's policies.
  6. Google Ad Grants Pro: Nonprofits that have demonstrated strong utilization of their initial Google Ad Grants can apply for the Google Ad Grants Pro program. If approved, they may receive increased monthly advertising credits of up to $40,000 USD.

Jewish congregations, like many other nonprofit organizations, can benefit from Google Ad Grants. Below are just a few perks: 

  1. Increased visibility: Google Ad Grants allows your congregation to increase its online visibility by displaying text-based ads on Google Search results pages. This can help attract more visitors to your website, increase awareness about your congregation, and reach a wider audience.
  2. Targeted advertising: With Google Ad Grants, your congregation can create targeted ad campaigns. You can choose keywords and locations to ensure your ads are displayed to people who are actively searching for related information or who are located in your target area. This helps you reach individuals who are more likely to be interested in your community's activities and potentially joining your congregation.
  3. Promote events and programs: Google Ad Grants provides an opportunity to promote special events, programs, or initiatives. Whether it's a holiday celebration, study opportunity, or community service project, advertising through Google can help generate awareness and attract participants.

Remember that while Google Ad Grants can be a powerful tool, it's important for your congregation to carefully plan and manage ad campaigns to ensure they align with your objectives and resonate with your target audience. Visit the official Google for Nonprofits website for the most up-to-date and detailed information regarding Google Ad Grants and other relevant programs.

You can also learn more about the mechanics and strategies for creating effective Google ads with some of these resources:


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