How to add Jewish Rock Radio portable player

Jewish Rock Radio (JRR) is the first high-caliber online Jewish rock radio station, playing cool and contemporary music 24/7. Bring some of the excitement JRR offers to your congregation’s website by installing the JRR Portable Player widget. The JRR portable player allows website visitors to listen to Jewish music while they browse your site.

Getting a JRR Portable Player widget on your site is quick and easy.

1) Fill out this form, upload your logo and they'll send you the simple HTML code you can insert into a text module or page. The JRR portable player will then display on your site.

2) When a visitor clicks on the player, a pop up window with your logo will open displaying a message that your temple is proud to present Jewish Rock Radio. All visitors remains on your site; visitors are never redirected to any other site.


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