How to Set up Google Map API

In order to have a google map display on your site, you first need to set up a Google Map API and get a key.

Once you have your key, navigate in the dashboard to your theme > Themify Settings and scroll down till you see the Google Map tab. Insert your key there.


You may also need to enable the Maps JavaScript API.

1) Go to Google Cloud Platform > APIs & Services > Credentials
2) Select icon to edit API key
3) Scroll down and select API restrictions and select API named Maps JavaScript API
4) Save

You also need to make sure to enable and allow Geocoding API and Geolocation API.

1) Go to the google cloud dashboard and search for both APIs.
2) Enable them.
3) Go to the API and Services to add them both to the API restrictions section.

If you run into any issues, it might be best to just embed a google map into your site.

1. Go to Google Maps and enter your synagogue's address
2. Copy the URL
3. Go to
4. Paste the URL into the box that is titled Embed Google Maps Now
5. Hit the right arrow to see your map. To the right of the map there are a couple of customize options.
6. Copy the embed code and insert it into your page.

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