Themify Builder Library + Layout Part Live Edit

The Themify Builder has a new feature called the Builder Library. The new Builder Library offers 3 time-saving features that involve not having to touch the backend. You will now be able to save rows/modules as a library object and reuse them, you can also save a layout part and have all edits appear site-wide and you can edit layout parts live on the page using a lightbox. 

After turning on the builder via the frontend, you should now see the Library tab on the module panel. To use this new feature, simply click on the save button found on the modules/rows and it'll automatically save as a re-usable object in your library.

Library Option on module panel Save Icon on Row or Module

Save As Layout Part Easily

Save As Layout Part option screenshot

You can also save row/modules as Layout Parts live on the same page. Layout part are re-usable layout element that can be included/displayed anywhere in the Builder or in shortcodes. When the Layout Part is updated, any post or page using that layout part will be also updated simultaneously. Now with the Builder Library feature, you can instantly save any module/row as Layout Part live as you're building your page. Just click on the "Save" icon, then select the option to "Save as a Layout Part", and it will be saved in the Builder Library. This allows you to re-use it on any page you'd like.

Layout Part Live Editing

Gif image of live editing

On top of being able to save Layout Parts on the spot. You can now also edit it live on the same page. No need to navigate away from the page that you're building, simply double click the Layout Part and a lightbox will open. Whatever you edit on the Layout Part will automatically be applied across all pages/posts where you have the same Layout Part.


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