How to Set up Scroll to Row Anchors

Scroll to Row anchors allow a website user the ability to click on an item in the header and be scrolled down to the relevant section. This is especially useful for single page layouts as it efficiently guides the viewer through the webpage and toward needed information.

To achieve scrollTo row anchor:

  • First, enter the Row Anchor name in Builder > Row > Options (e.g. "portfolio")

    where to add the anchor text on the Builder
  • Then in the WordPress menu link, insert the anchor name as link URL = "#portfolio" (basically add # in front of the anchor name)

    scroll to row anchor menu

  • When the #portfolio link is clicked or when users go the URL with the #portfolio anchor (e.g., it will scroll to the row where it specified Row Anchor = "portfolio"

NOTE: If you would like to redirect to one particular page with the anchor, you can do so by inserting the entire URL with the anchor on the Custom Links > URL (i.e.

Linking From Inner Pages

If you need to have scrollTo menu on inner pages (i.e. linking to the homepage row anchor on inner pages), then you would need to create two separate menus:

  • Menu #1:
    • Create a menu (e.g. "Main Menu")
    • Assign it in the "Main Navigation" menu location
    • In the link anchor, it should be full URL path plus the anchor name (e.g.
    • This will allow users to go back to home anchor from all inner pages
  • Menu #2:
    • Create another similar menu (e.g. "Custom Page Menu")
    • Assign it as the "Custom Menu" in the page's Themify Custom Panel > Page Options
    • In this menu, the link anchor should be just the anchor name with a number sign (#) added in front (e.g. #anchor_name)
    • Basically, this menu should have identical menu links as the main menu, expect the anchor links are not full URLs

 * You can skip the menu and still use these steps to set up an anchor link from one section of a page to another.


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