Add a Social Media Feed

Add a Facebook feed


1. Sign into your Facebook account to get your Facebook ID.

  • If you have not selected a username, your user id will appear in the URL for your profile (e.g.

  • If you have selected a username, one way to find your ID# is to go to your profile pictures ( then select a photo. Your user id will appear in the URL as the number after "&id=".

2. Enter that ID in the module settings.

3. Save the module.

Add a Twitter feed


1. You need your Twitter feed name. This all the text that comes after the @

2. Enter your Twitter feed name into the module settings.

3. Save the module.

Add an Instagram feed


1. Sign into your Instagram account to get your user ID and accessToken. You can get your user ID when a request is made with the url below. Replace {username} with your username:{username}/?__a=1 (You need to login to your account before sending this request to Instagram because it's not public.)

2. Get the accessToken :

3. Save the module.


Note: The ID Name on the all modules is optional. Save any changes and exit from editor to see the module data.



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