How to Add the WZC Elections Vote Button

The World Zionist Congress elections are here and voting has begun.

Participating in the WZC elections – by supporting “Vote Reform: ARZA Representing the Reform Movement and Reconstructing Judaism” – is the only way North American Jews can weigh in democratically about issues in Israel – and ensure a society that truly reflects the Jewish values we hold dear: pluralism, equality, economic justice, and peace.  More info.

Make sure you add a button to your site so your congregation members can vote! There are two button options. You can use both or simply choose one. (Click on image to download it.)


After signing into your site, go to the Media Library and upload the image(s) you wish to use. Be sure to make a note of the image URL because you will need it in a later step.

Now set up your image module.

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to place a button and turn on the Themify Builder.


  1. Add a new row to the builder and choose a two column layout.


  1. Search for image module then drag and drop the module to the left or right column of the previously added layout.



  1. In the image module pop up, add the image URL and also add the link to the page you want the button to direct people to. (


*Btw you can play around with the image size, align etc. if needed

  1. Finally, you could have a layout of buttons that looks like this if you choose to display both. If you choose to display only one button, then you will have an empty space next to it.



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