Guidelines for Podcast Production

Please refer to these general guidelines when creating podcasts.

Podcasts can be recorded using Zoom or an alternative platform where audio files are easy to obtain. All files should be in MP3 format.

The interview for podcasts can be conducted in one of two ways.

  1. The moderator will introduce the guest who will proceed to read a prepared story or essay. Moderator will then thank guest and end podcast.
  2. The moderator will introduce the guest and proceed to have an interview-style conversation based on a predetermined topic. Moderator should have a list of questions ahead of time, but certainly can deviate from list depending on how interview is going.


  1. During entire call, both the moderator and guest need to speak clearly into phone or computer. That will make for the best audio quality. Remind guest to refrain from moving around or moving their device around.
  2. Moderator should never interrupt guest (makes it harder during editing process). That includes saying things like yes or uhuh while guest is still speaking.
  3. When guest finishes an answer, take a few seconds before responding or asking another question. (again, this will make it easier during editing process)
  4. Keep in mind, anything can be cut out. If moderator or guest coughs or sneezes or doesn't like the way they asked or answered a question, stop, take a few seconds, and start over. Again, those seconds will help when editing.

Audio Quality

  • All audio should be consistently audible throughout the length of the project.
  • All audio files should be clearly understood through the length of the project.
  • All audio files should be free of background noise, background music, breaks, skips, hissing, etc.
  • If there is more than one guest, neither person should be noticeably louder than the other.

When recording is complete, make sure to have a clear title for the podcast and a short one or two sentence description when promoting it to your congregation.


  • Make sure your content is as inclusive as possible for those who are unfamiliar with Judaism. Be sure to define any Hebrew words used, explain Jewish ideas, say the full names of Jewish organizations, etc.


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