Web Content Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind and share with anyone who is writing content for your sites. These few things will go a long way to helping to make the site more inclusive and consistent.

  1. Spell out the names of organizations in the first mention of them in a post and link to their sites if possible. Assume that whomever is reading the piece is a first-time visitor who knows nothing about Jewish organizations. So when referring to the URJ, for example, the first mention of it in the body of the piece should say Union for Reform Judaism (URJ). Thereafter you can call it the URJ.
  2. Never use the words "click here" or "here" when linking to anything. Always link a phrase so that visitors using assistive technology to read the article will know what the link is. (Ex. the bolded words would be linked: Download the guidelines. In a recent op-ed in the New York Times…)
  3. Assume that whomever is reading knows no Hebrew. When including Hebrew words, make sure to either link to the definition (you can use our website glossary), or add a translation after the word.
  4. Never use two spaces after a period. When copied and pasted, a piece with an extra space added after each period creates unnatural breaks in the HTML, and then content editors have to go in and remove every single space so that it doesn't look terrible.


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