Be Consistent With Your Website Design

Every page of your website should look like they belong together. Don’t confuse your visitor by switching up the layout for different pages on your site. It may look cool and interesting, but it’s sure to confuse the visitor. They may even wonder if they’ve left the site they were on. 

Consistency matters in all aspects of your web design, from layout to font choices to colors to the general mood of your website. Everything should match what you’ve presented on your home page. If it doesn’t, you may lose the trust of your confused visitor. You’ll definitely lower your conversion rate. Visitors detect design inconsistencies on a subconscious level, which will negatively impact their perception of your brand. Ensure consistency with the following elements across the board:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Button shapes
  • Layout
  • Menu navigation
  • Menu location
  • Graphic style
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