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JCE Editor inconsistent across browsers

I've found that the JCE editor behaves differently in Firefox, as opposed to IE. Some of the differences are on the subtle side, others more obvious:

* Firefox -- Opens a new window, requires ctrl-V
* IE -- Accesses clipboard directly, no ctrl-V required

Hyperlink editing:
* Firefox -- Sometimes, if no text is selected it acts like you are inserting a new hyperlink (all fields empty), even if the cursor is positioned within an existing hyperlink; sometimes automatically selects all text within the hyperlink
* IE -- If no text is selected, but the cursor is positioned within an existing hyperlink, consistently retrieves the hyperlink information from the surrounding area (text, image)

Edit/insert a hyperlink on an image:
* Firefox -- Have to use buttons, no editor-specific context menu
* IE -- Can use context menu

Edit/replace image:
* Firefox -- Have to use buttons, no editor-specific context menu
* IE -- Can use context menu

Toggle guidelines / view invisible elements:
* Firefox -- Guidelines / invisible elements always visible, toggle doesn’t do anything
* IE -- Guidelines / invisible elements never visible, toggle doesn’t do anything

HTML editor:
* Firefox -- Small font
* IE -- Larger font

I've also caught some other odd behavior, but it seems to be intermittent (or I don't know how to trigger it): In particular, I've seen Firefox create <span></span> tags to assign classes, with the same class assignment in an <a></a> contained in it. That's probably fine, because some browsers might ignore one or the other; but I've also seen redundant, nested <span></span> tags. None of this will cause a problem on your pages, but if you go into the HTML editor they can make things harder to edit.

I don't know if IE does the same thing, since I only rarely use it.

I haven't had (nor am I likely to have) time to test other browsers.

Sara Milch Answered

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Different browsers have different frameworks and render code differently. Some programs are able to account for these differences better than others. It one reason why some web developers refuse to develop for IE. When it comes to our sites, FF or Chrome are definitely better to use for editing purposes.

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That's like making tires that can't be used on GM cars because hating GM is some kind of badge of honor.

I've found instances where Firefox and IE worked differently, but Firefox was wrong and IE was correct. Nobody has a monopoly on righteousness, nor self-righteousness.

There are published standards for HTML, CSS, ECMA, UTF, and more. I don't think anyone should get a free pass, whether they're a behemoth that people love to spit at or a bunch of "rebels" who think their way is so much better that they don't see a need to play nice with others.

I also think it's stupid and counterproductive that there's no standard API for browser plugins. I'm savvy enough to deal with plugins that Firefox breaks but IE works with, and then have updates reverse the situation. My mother, on the other hand, is not so patient.

All of this just reinforces my contention that each generation of programmers makes the same mistakes as the ones before. "Can you believe that his company made Grandpa write code that was compatible with the previous version? What dorks!"

That's just my opinion, and my rant for today.

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JCE Editor is offering to update in the maintenance panel. I did the update and it confirmed it was successful but every time I log out and come back, the update is back, therefore I has not been updated on the website.

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