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Well, I suppose we all have seen that today April 21, was Mobilegeddon's beginnings! when Google has started using a mobile friendliness as a ranking factor in searches.

For those who are willing to see how their website appear to the google bots, there are several tools that can be used like:

and then you can also test your pages speed here:

Both tools give solution to optimize the pages
and I really liked it that it also allowed to download fixes

It is a bit time consuming to correct everything but if it allows our visitors to be happier with the response they get when they visit their synagogue's website, it makes me really happy, as far as I am concerned.

Which takes me to my actual question for our RJ-Builders here:
Joel, you told us that the new templates would be responsive but not the current ones we have.

I did not opt for a new template because the future of my temple is unsure at this point and I might have to recreate a complete new website after the July 1 ~ or not, I am still not in the know until I guess our congregational meeting. But in the meantime, would it be doable to use an extension that allows to have a responsive or at least a mobile version of the website? I saw some good review of this one:

What say you? bad idea?

Laurence Furic

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I don't know about the new templates, but I do know that trying to turn on the mobile options in the existing templates makes a complete hash of your site. Even the parts that "work" don't work.

I hope these new templates don't require too much fiddling to get our existing site to work.

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