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RSForm Pro: Handling confirmation message and return to site

This problem might have existed in 2.5, I'm honestly not sure.

A form can have a Continue button (or not), and a return URL (or not).

I'm having problems getting the user back to the site after displaying an email form in a JCE popup. With or without a Continue button, things work fine if the form is launched from a menu item of type RSForm.

However, if the form is launched in a JCE Popup from a link on a page, the acknowledgment message is displayed in an otherwise blank page. The menus, in particular, are not displayed. This leaves the user stranded.

If you want to see this in action, go to and try any of the links.

I could, if I had to, force the user back to our home page; but what I'd very much prefer to do is return them to the article they had been reading. Since a form is likely used on multiple pages, I can't just hard code the "return" URL.

It seems like I'm missing something pretty obvious.

Sara Milch

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