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Template Inheritance

Does anyone know how template inheritance works? For example, I want the site to use the base template. I want certain menu items to use an override template. However, I want the "children" of the that menu item to use the base template.

I can't seem to keep the children of a menu item (Home, in my case) from inheriting Home's override template. Do I have to create yet another override template for the children?

Here's a diagram (sort of):

-> Rabbi
-> Cantor
-> Shamas
Blah Blah

In this example, I want Home, but not Rabbi, to use the override. If you go to, you can see what I have. What I want is for sidebar-a to be its "normal" width for those pages that don't have the picture at the top of sidebar-a.

I can't seem to find the magic formula.

Sara Milch

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I should have added that I want Membership, Blah, and BlahBlah to use the "normal" sidebar-a setting as well. That part is working the way I'd expect. It seems, though, that assigning the override template to Home overrides the template assignments for Rabbi, Cantor, and Shamas.

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