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Uploading documents by non-technical staff

I frequently upload event flyers on to our site for use on the site, emails etc. I'd love to have our office staff do the uploads, but the joomla interface is complicated - even getting in to the Media manager (or OSE Fileman because Media Mgr doesn't let you easily replace a file). And I'm concerned about setting up security so that they can upload without breaking anything else. Any suggestions?

Jim Garfinkel

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Since even support hasn't replied to this,...
Look into 3rd party tools (modules) to do this. I bet there's some freeware (or minimal cost s/w) out there for this.
It's not difficult installing these either. I'm using one to display the contents of directories that contain our monthly newsletters.
Let us know if and how you solved this.

Courtney Washburn-Marcheski 0 votes
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