December 2022 Newsletter


Dear Webmasters:

Since the release of our custom RJ Web Builder calendar plugin was well over a year ago, it's now time to phase out the old calendar plugin. If you have yet to switch over to our new plugin, please do so right away. Review these step-by-step instructions to help you set up the new plugin or review the tutorials for additional help. If you have any questions, issues or need help, please do not hesitate to reach out. We will be deactivating the old plugin on January 31.

Our Themify Builder upgrade continues to be successful. Any new sites built on our platform will come fully upgraded. As we have been doing, when it's time to update your site, we will notify you individually a day or two in advance.

It's hard to believe Hanukkah starts this weekend. Share these recipes, family activities, blessings, and more from with your members to help them prepare.

Feel free to share all our engaging Hanukkah content from with your members. You can also link to these resources from your website or social media account. You may also repost content directly on your site or in your bulletin with a link and attribution to

Hanukkah print and digital bulletin ads are available. You can use these Hanukkah ads for your congregation's newsletter or bulletin, website, or social media. You will need a Reform Movement Marketplace login to access these ads.

We are excited to share our new "Our Story, Your Table" downloadable activity book for Hanukkah. In collaboration with Highlights Magazine, we developed a kids' activity book for all ages, featuring Hanukkah-themed jokes, activities, games, and a Highlights favorite, the "Seek and Find" puzzle. Share this form via social media or your website to have your members download the activity book.

You can use the Communications group  and the RJ Web Builder group in The Tent  as a place to share resources, ask questions, and connect with other communities and congregation webmasters.

Joel Emerman
Senior Website Manager
212.452.6579 (Central Time)

Quick Tips

Use Venmo as a Payment Option
PayPal Checkout combines PayPal's most advanced technologies, tools, and services and provides your users multiple payment options. Not only can you take payments via credit and debit cards, but you can now use Venmo.

Did You KNow?

When leadership information is kept up to date in the Reform Movement Marketplace, your congregation can rest assure that it is receiving the information and resources to help support and strengthen your sacred community. Please follow these instructions.

If your congregation has a virtual gathering or program that's open to the public, submit it for inclusion in the Reform Movement calendar.

There are Some Exciting Updates to our Teen Programs
NFTY has a brand new website. The updated look and improved navigation will help visitors feel the power of the movement and find what they're looking for more easily.

The URJ has officially launched Yallah! Israel, powered by NFTY in Israel. Yallah! Israel is the reimagined Israel program for teens across the Reform Movement and beyond. With specialty trips like Sci-Tech and Pride Israel, as well as our general Adventure program and L'Dor V'Dor Poland + Israel journey, Yallah! Israel is the place for Jewish teens to find their summer community.


Staying In Touch

If you are receiving this email, you are the person who was reported to the URJ as your congregation's website manager. If there are other people who need to be on this list or if you need to get off this list, please send corrected information to



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