Webinar: Getting Acquainted with WordPress

In this webinar, we break down the dashboard and go over some of the basic functions like how to import calendars, edit the home page and add a widget.

Q and A from the webinar:

What does Quick Redirect mean?
Quick Redirects is a plugin you can use to redirect one URL to another. More info.

What does Turn on Builder mean?
Our WordPress sites use a page builder called Themify. If you're signed in and want to edit any module from the frontend, you first need to press Turn on Builder which is usually located in the top toolbar on the page.

Is there anything that is locked and not customizable?
The URJ content and logos cannot be changed or removed. Some other settings for such items like the Upcoming Events modules are coded into theme and cannot be changed.

What's the replacement for Joom Donation?
Gravity forms is an easy to use form builder for accepting donations, making payments and accepting registrations.

Is the calendar feature able to be downloaded to outlook or google calendar?
Events calendar does give you the option to export all events as an iCal file or individual events as an iCal file or to your google calendar.

How many google calendars can you use? Is there a widget to run the events individually in a sidebar from the google calenders?
You can import as many calendars as you wish. You can set up a widget to only show events from one single calendar. More info.

Are you able to have categories of events? Worship schedule and Programs and have them displayed separately.
When you import a new calendar, you need to assign a name to this calendar. In doing so, you're making that name the category for those events. So if you have two calendars, one for Worship and one for Programs, you can have two separate Upcoming widgets set up to show the separate events. When creating the widget, you would just choose a single category of events.

Where are images and files stored?
You will upload files to the Media section of the dashboard. More info.

If you include a widget, can you modify the size?
You cannot change the size of the actual widget, but you can change the layout of the section the widget sits in in order to make it bigger or smaller.

Can we write our own widgets?
There is a custom widget which allows you to create your own content using the WYSIWYG or HTML.

Can we not have folders for our media files?
WordPress does not offer the same type of folder system that Joomla does. But you can organize your media files by category.

What formats (extensions) can you use for media?
All the typical extensions should be fine: PDF, JPG, MP3. But we recommend uploading videos to youtube first.

Is there a file size limit for images and PDF's?
The file limit is 15MB.

Can we move the menu to the left instead of top nav?
The location of the menu is built into the theme. There's very little flexibility to where it will show. That is one of the features that make the themes different from each other.

How can you change the appearance of the header? Size, color, placement of logo, etc.?
This can be done in the Customizer, which you can find by going to Appearance > Customize. There is a section for header. More info.

How do we change font choice and size globally, rather than changing in each section?
Fonts can also be changed in the Customizer.

What are post types?
We explain the difference between pages and posts here.

Can we select a different Themify theme?
We will offer you the ability to switch themes but we cannot guarantee that everything will switch over seamlessly. Any issues or modifications with the new theme will not be covered by the URJ and will be subject to a $75 per hour rate billed from our developer. This would fall under custom work.

Do we need to manually backup?
We take care of backups.

How do you customize for the different mobile devices?
WordPress gives you the option to choose which module shows on which device. More info. You can also use Device Preview (even though Jared didn't recommend it.)

Can you change our logo once the site is live?
Yes, the logo can be changed at any time in the Customizer. More info.

If I wanted to add a Donate option to the Main Menu, how do I link off site?
You can set up a menu tab to link directly to another website/webpage using the Custom Link. More info.

Can you provide RGB colors that are in use within the template I chose so we can use those in other areas on the website?
Go to the section of the page you want the code for, right click and press Inspect Element. You can usually find the color code being used.

Is the payment secure?
All sites will have 256 bit encryption and SSL certificates. You will be able to process financial transactions on your site through selected payment gateways.


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