How To Use Builder Revisions To Retrieve Old Layouts

Themify Builder makes it easy to save and recover specific parts or entire layouts of a page. This is different from Page Revisions. Page Revisions work on the entire page, both the WordPress editor section and Builder section. This revision feature only works on the Builder modules.

You have two options of retrieving old layouts: either recover a full layout or only a specific section. Recovering a specific section of a layout is useful if you have created a great design but only want to use a part of it for another page.

1. Restore a Full Layout

Themify Builder allows you to save revisions of a page and restore them in the event they are deleted or changed in a way you don't like.

A revision is automatically created whenever you press the Builder's 'Save' button. By default the revisions are saved using time stamps but they can be saved with custom comments for easier identification.

These are the steps to save and recover an entire layout:

  1. 1. To load a revision, hover over the dropdown arrow on the save button and select "Load Revision"

    Load Revision

  2. 2. Select the revision you wish to load.

  3. 3. There will be a pop up message and here you can choose to save the page before implementing the revision. You may need to do so because the changes will be lost otherwise.

    Save Revision Prompt

2. Restore a Specific Section of a Layout

The Builder also allows you to recover a specific section of the page layout from a previous state. This is so that you can copy it to a new page layout or just recover the section you want.

Here are the steps:

  1. 1. You need to save the current page as a revision using the save button drop down.

    Save Revision Drop Down Menu

  2. 2. Then load the previous revision that has the section you want to retrieve.

  3. 3. When you have loaded the revision you want to use, copy the row or module (hover over the 3 dot menu icon and select copy).

    Copy a section

  4. 4. After copying the row or element, restore the layout back to the version you have saved. Then paste the row or module data (hover over the 3 dot menu icon and select paste).

    Copy a section


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